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Possessed by honey bees

My friend, HB, at Backyard Bee Hive Blog recently alerted me to a quote from Mud The words, written by Phillip are as follows: “I think about bees every day, pretty much all the time.”

I had been corresponding with Phillip for a couple weeks on a variety of beekeeping issues, but I had somehow missed this little gem. It cracks me up. It reminds of those confessions made by serial killers or others with a possessed mind. Just fill in the blank with whatever lurid subject comes into your head. “I think about (_____) every day, pretty much all the time.”

Phillip also says,” Mud Songs used to be a simple gardening blog — until I got into beekeeping. I don’t have any interest in documenting my gardening adventures anymore.” (emphasis his)

Am I making fun of Phillip? Hardly! The reason HB and I are so smitten with these words is that we understand them completely. We have been there. We are still there. We will probably always be there.

I just mention this as a way of welcoming Phillip—and others like him—into the fold. We are glad to have you as one of us. (Read that as, “We’re glad we’re not the only ones.”) I can’t think of a better addiction to have than an addiction to the charming, alluring, mysterious creatures we call honey bees.


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  • Yep. It is fun. I work overnights so i get up in the evening. One of the first things I do is go outside with my hair all mussed, checking the flowers. Not because I like the fowers but to check if the bees are out.

    My wife will notice I am up and knows right where to find me. 🙂